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We are a Singapore-based supplier and installer of quality interior panels that are made in Italy.

We provide a full suite of services that range from the supply of our signature KompacPanels to relevant peers in the home renovation industry to on-site measuring and installation of our panels as kitchen countertops, vanity tops, bathroom cabinets, bay windows and even custom furniture for all household and commercial use.

When KompacPanels first debuted into the market, it was mainly used as countertops or worktops in kitchens, but through joint efforts of our research and development team over the years, our panels have also been successfully made into TV consoles, bay windows, shelving, staircases, cabinet doors, and even custom furniture. Following the launch of our KompacPlay collection in 2019, we are also playfully exploring ways for our panels to become practical kitchen accessories as sink covers, tiles and many more.

Feel free to also visit our showroom (preferably by appointment) to view some of our ready product samples for inspirations to add into your own space. If you have a unique idea in mind, we’d love to hear about it too, and would love the opportunity to be able to explore new possibilities with you 🙂

10 years. We have recently celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2019.


We have different pricing for our Kollection with different colours and surface finishing. Kindly reach out to us through our contact form, and one of our sales representative will be in touch with you to provide further assistance.

Yes, there is a minimum size requirement of at least 5 ft for any KompacTop or KompacWall order (exclude KompacPlay applications).


Our headquarters (KompacPlus Pte Ltd) are located in Woodlands, Singapore at the following address:- 280 Woodlands Park E5 #04-15, [email protected] Click here to see where we are on Google Maps.

Our operating hours are from 9am to 6pm on weekdays (Mon-Fri), and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

KompacPlus currently has only one (1) showroom available at our headquarters in Woodlands, Singapore (at the address stated above). We appreciate if all visitors can kindly make an appointment with us so we can arrange our sales personnel to help you understand our products and services better.

However, if it is inconvenient for you to travel to Woodlands, we can further redirect you view our product displays at collaborating interior design (ID) firms that are located throughout the island. Do leave us a message with your preferred area of visit, and we will be in touch with you with the available venues as soon as possible.

Yes, we do! As part of our efforts to deliver the ultimate customer service to our people, site visits are non-obligatory until an appointment is made to conduct site measurement of designated installation area. Please drop us a message and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Yes, once an appointment is made, one of our sales representatives will be able to show you a full size KompacPanel of random colour.

Yes, once we confirmed an appointment with you, we can arrange for the samples to be delivered to you/preferred meeting venue by the next working day.


Each KompacPanel core is mainly made of multiple layers of kraft paper and resin. Once formed, the surface is further wrapped with additional decorative paper and an uppermost overlay to create KompacPanels’ signature aesthetics that is highly resistant to wear and tear in the long run. Its strong durability despite its slim build is due to the meticulous manufacturing process involving high heat and pressure that results as KompacPanels that are 100% safe and hygienic for long-lasting use.

Kraft paper is specially engineered paper that retains most of the pure cellulose fibres post-production. We chose to use kraft paper in the production of KompacPanels because it holds the highest possible strength out of all other paper materials.

Resin is a liquid substance that acts as an adhesive to bond the many layers of kraft paper together to form the solid base of KompacPanels.

Multiple layers of kraft paper that are interlaced with resin are permanently bonded together by simultaneously applying heat and pressure at 150°C and 9 Mpa respectively. For further understanding, please download our technical data sheet here.


KompacPlus greatly value the quality of our products. Since our establishment, we have been offering carefully crafted interior panels made in Italy while in constant collaboration with various industry experts in efforts to further enhance our product quality and variety for our customers.

Our KompacPanels are built for long-term wear and tear with a signature compact thickness of only 6 mm that is practically effortless to maintain.

Underneath its durable yet aesthetic surface, its solid build is:-

  • Supremely durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Non-porous/Waterproof
  • Hygienic
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Bubble resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Impact resistant

No. Both KompacTop and KompacWall are made from KompacPanels, meaning that regardless of how you apply them (as table top or as kitchen backer, or even wall claddings), you will still get to enjoy all the strong features of our panels.

Each sheet measures approximately 1300 mm (W) x 3050 mm (L). In terms of feet, it measures approximately 4 ft 3 inches (W) x 10 ft (L).

At present (2020), we are one of the top suppliers in Singapore that offers quality interior panels with a slim build of 6 mm in thickness, but other variations such as KompacPanels with 3 mm thickness are also available upon request.

Yes, since the panels are non-porous, they are one of the most ideal materials to be installed in areas where water use is high.

We would not recommend for the panels to be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time because direct ultraviolet lights may cause discolouration over time. However, if installed in a location that is well-sheltered, it should not be a problem for KompacPanels to be installed outdoors. To play it safe, we recommend the application of light colours from our Kollection so should there be any fading of colour, it will not be too obvious to the human eye.

Even with its compact build of only 6 mm, KompacPanels are tested in accordance with BS EN 438-2 standards and confirmed to be able to withstand heavy duty use with added waterproofing abilities and resistance against scratches, stains and general wear and tear in the long run.

To demonstrate this feature, we have crafted a series of interactive board games that you can personally try out in person at our showroom. Kindly arrange a non-obligatory appointment with our sales representative at your earliest availability.

Heat tests have been conducted by letting the stove on a KompacPanel surface cooking for a continuous period of time, and its results confirmed that as a kitchen cooktop, it can withstand continuous cooking for 3 to 4 hours at a time at 90 – 100°C without any damages to its surface.

If you are considering to use KompacPanels as kitchen backers or cooktops, we can further advice on the ideal design considerations required for stove installations to reduce risk of direct contact with heat while you cook.

It literally means ‘no pores’, so no form of liquid, gas or even microorganisms can penetrate and/or breed in KompacPanels – ensuring hygienic, safe and clean surfaces that are built to last lifetimes.

KompacPanels are tested and certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards to be a hygienic product that met public health and safety standards for everyday consumer use. Other than direct chopping, feel free to meal prep directly on the panel surface after a simple rinse using soap and water.

For more info on the technical properties of our panels, you may download our data sheet from our website here.

Yes. You may get in touch with our sales representatives for this request here.


At the moment, we do have a dedicated sales and service team based in Malaysia. For related enquiries, kindly email [email protected] for more info and further assistance. If you are enquiring from other countries, please leave us a message and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Installation of KompacPanels can be done within 1 to 3 working days.

Part of the KompacPlus experience is that we offer specialised installations and a 10-year warranty for our products and services, thus we strongly encourage and recommend for both supply and KompacPanel installation works to be managed by our specialised installers entirely for best results.

KompacPlus do not provide renovation services; only the supply and installation of our products in all designated kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and even commercial spaces.

We seek your kind understanding that our installers are highly trained to install and/or remove KompacPlus materials only. If removal of existing surfaces is required prior to the installation of KompacPlus surfaces, please engage with an external contractor for the removal beforehand.

This is a complimentary service that is provided FOC with every KompacTop or KompacWall purchase.

As we cannot guarantee that the work quality will meet your expectations in every aspect, we seek your kind understanding that KompacPlus will not provide recommendations for any third-party services.

Yes, because it is part of our quality control efforts to guarantee that you have a satisfying KompacPlus experience, all KompacPanel installations are carried out by KompacPlus installers personnel only.


Yes, customisation of the panel core colour is possible. Please get in touch with our sales representatives or our office for further assistance regarding this request.

As long as the panels of each colour meets the minimum size requirement of 5 ft per panel, this is doable. There is no additional charge to mix colours, but final pricing is subject to selected colours and installation method.

Of course! Since our panels are made to be durable and long-lasting, we have successfully built various other applications and custom furniture that includes tv console, bay windows, shelving and staircases to-date, so feel free to reach out to us if you have a special idea in mind. In the meantime, check out our kitchen accessories from our KompacPlay series here.

For designated areas that measure larger than our standard panel sheet size, more than one sheet of panel will be used to completely cover up the respective area. Once the quantity of the panels required are confirmed, they will be cut and subsequently installed with a joining line that’s only visible up close. For installations with our Wood series, we will try our best to match joining panels so the woodgrains are connected as closely as possible.

Of course, kindly put in this request with your respective sales representative and they will arrange it accordingly with our production team.


Our Kollection currently has 32 colours to choose from, ranging from plain solid colours to textured patterns of woodgrains, stones and other elements of nature to match any interior themes with natural elegance. View full-size images of our colours here.

Part of the KompacPlus experience is that all our colours are pre-matched with a unique surface finish to create the best aesthetic combination of colour and texture before it is officially launched and made available to the market. While we are not able to cater to surface customisation requests at the moment, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, which will be reviewed and considered in efforts to further expand our Kollection in the near future.

Unfortunately, we do not offer colour customisation at the moment, but please feel free to share your suggestions with us by writing in to [email protected] and just maybe, our new Kollection will be inspired by you! 

Both of them offer solid colours, but Alta Plains stand out with enhanced matte surfaces paired with a velvet-like smoothness at the end of every touch. While Plains offers up to 6 standard matte colours, Alta Plains offers ultra-matte in 4 exclusive shades.

Alta Plains hold similar wear and tear endurance abilities as the other non-Alta Plains series, but one feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its ultra-matte surfaces achieved using state-of-the-art German technology. Alta Plains will be able to self-restore micro-scratches under gentle heat of the iron – further enhancing KompacPanels’ signature durability with premium velvety-smooth surfaces. Technical properties of Alta Plains can be downloaded here.

There is no difference in resistance strength for different surface finishes. All KompacPanels are custom-matched with individual finishes to ensure best combination of textured surface aesthetics that are equally tough and durable.


As our production team are specialised in KompacPanels, KompacPlay applications are ideally recommended to be matched with KompacTop and KompacWall products, but we are open to explore new ways to apply them through further collaboration with you. Do message us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Yes, Engraving can be applied on all vertical and horizontal surfaces, but for best visual effects, we strongly recommend them to be applied on vertical ones instead, such as walls, kitchen backer/backsplash etc.

Similar to our minimum panel size requirements for KompacTop and KompacWall applications, the minimum panel size requirement for Tiling is 1 ft, but the size of each tiles can be customised.

Since our Tiling application can be further customised to meet individual designs, big tiles is achievable. Do get in touch with our sales representatives so they can further assist with you customisation needs.

Yes. While both applications are cut in a similar manner, drainage grooves are practical add-ons to your kitchen countertop that are only applicable in horizontal manner. On the other hand, Engraving is an add-on to further enhance your KompacPanel aesthetics that can be applied in both vertical and horizontal ways in any space.

We recommend the KompacPlay sink cover application with undermount sinks to promote seamless surface aesthetics that’s achievable with respective KompacTop.

As the sink covers are also made from KompacPanels, we strongly recommend for any form of cutting or chopping activities to be done on a proper chopping board instead to avoid risk of damaging your sink cover surface.

No, as long as it is an undermount sink, we will try our best to deliver a sink cover that is seamlessly integrated with your respective KompacTop.

Our Integrated Sink and Built-in Stoves are manufactured in Holland, and made available to our clients via our partnership with Reginox, a well-established sink and stove manufacturer in Holland.

We seek your kind understanding that all purchases of KompacPlay applications are only made available on new and/or existing KompacPanel surface (where applicable) as added options for enhanced kitchen efficiency with minimalistic aesthetics.

For this same reason, we also do not encourage to only purchase the Reginox items and seek installation services from third-party service providers as they require certain expertise that our specialised installers are trained for.


No. Please be assured that the sealant that we are using in our panel installations are high grade and anti-fungal, so it will neither grow fungus or turn yellowish in colour over time. Should you encounter an unfortunate experience with our products within the period of one (1) year or 12 months of your panel installation, please reach out to your respective sales representative to request for reapplication (where applicable).

Yes, on top of the standard colours that are custom-matched with our panel colours, you may request for a colour that is not part of our collection. We seek your kind understanding that since this is a custom request, there is a minimum quantity of order required. Do get in touch to share your preferences with us and one of our sales representative will assist you with the specifications accordingly.

Yes, they are for sale. Kindly get in touch with our sales representatives for further arrangements.


We recommend daily cleaning after use to maximise the lifespan for any KompacPanel surface.

A quick wipe-down using clean wet cloth or sponge with mild soap or detergent is enough to remove any accidental spills and stains from the surface. Once done, just rinse with warm water and wipe dry. For tough and stubborn stains, please refer to our recommended cleaning methods here.

While our panels are built with high heat resistance, we strongly recommend using a heat shield or heat pad to be placed underneath hot appliances instead of directly putting them on KompacPanel surfaces.

We understand that accidents happen in the kitchen all the time, but please do not bleach or use any acidic, harsh or abrasive cleaning solutions and/or tools to clean your KompacPanel surface. We do provide recommended cleaning tips for certain stubborn cases, but If the situation persists after regular cleaning using soap and water, please contact your KompacPlus representative or leave us a message and we will be in touch with you soon.

If bleach is left on top of KompacPanels over time, it may risk discolouration on the panel surface, but if it is wiped clean immediately after spill, the surface should remain undamaged. Should you come across any unfortunate experience similar to this, please contact your respective sales representatives or get in touch with our office personnel for further assistance.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight that while our panels are built with strong scratch resistance, they are not scratch-proof. Therefore, we strongly recommend to use a chopping board for all food cutting and preparation chores to avoid damaging the outermost decorative layer(s).


Yes – starting from the date of purchase, and upon complete installation, each KompacPlus product are entitled to the KompacPlus 10-year panel integrity warranty, which offers full panel replacement for manufacturing defects such as surface peeling of decorative layer, panel delamination, swelling due to prolonged water exposure, and panel warpage. For more info, you may refer to the full terms and conditions of our warranty here.

No registration is necessary. You’ll only need to provide us with address where the KompacPlus material(s) is installed, and we will be able to trace your warranty period from there through our system.

For all KompacPlus projects that are completed following our launch of KompacPlus Unbounded in Oct 2019, we do provide free touch up service for one (1) year in case of peel offs due to manufacturing defect and/or natural wear and tear. Pease get in touch with your respective KompacPlus sales representative or directly with our office personnel should you encounter any unfortunate experience with our product.

For PLAINS, WOODS and PATTERNS series: Our installer can help to repair the scratch marks as much as possible, but we seek your kind understanding that as our panels are not scratch-proof, the scratch marks will not disappear entirely. Kindly reach out to your sales representative to make an appointment at your earliest availability.

For ALTA PLAINS series: If it is a minor scratch, kindly refer to the self-guide here for step-to-step instructions on how to restore the ultra-matte surfaces to original condition. Please take note that this is only applicable to minor scratches, and if the scratches are proven to be stubborn, kindly reach out to your personal KompacPlus sales representative for further advice and assistance.


Yes, we can achieve that using either a mitre joint or step joint installation, but we strongly recommend to consider single profiles instead for enhanced minimalistic and sleek aesthetics.

As this is subject to the material and condition of your existing surface, you can make this request with our sales representative and they will inform our installer to confirm the existing surface’s condition at the same time when they conduct on-site measurement of your designated installation area.

If the condition is confirmed to be usable, new installation of KompacPanel surface(s) can be done using direct overlay. Otherwise, separate dismantling services will be required before our installer can proceed with new KompacPanel installation.

That is definitely not a problem. Just let our installer know which positions the sockets are placed, and the socket holes can be cut out directly from the panel so that it will be ready for installation.

As part of our appreciative efforts towards your kind support towards KompacPlus, there are no additional charges involved for post-installation requests like these, but we seek your kind understanding that an appointment is required to confirm schedule availability of our installers. Kindly reach out to your respective sales representatives to make further arrangements for this.

Of course! Just leave your accessories with our installer on the day of our installation, and he/she will help you install them accordingly.

The 1 mm joining line is a permanent feature that results from joining two (2) or more panels together. Since a downturn installation involves joining one (1) horizontal surface and one (1) vertical surface together, please be assured that the joining area, which will be installed at a 90° angle, will naturally blend in with the rest of the surrounding interiors as part of the design detail.

This is not a problem. Just let our installers know what kind of sinks you are using when they come over for the measurements, and they will arrange for proper installation methods accordingly when your panel is ready. Using our specialised adhesive tools, our installers will also ensure that the panels and respective sinks are well-installed with no gaps in between for water to seep through.

Our KompacPanels are built with high heat resistance, but please take note that they are not fire-proof, and therefore there are certain precautions that are needed to be considered for the best KompacPlus experience that suits your lifestyle.

FOR ELECTRIC AND INDUCTION COOKTOPS: A minimum gap of 50 mm (5 cm) is recommended from the back edge of the cooktop to the KompacPanel backsplash/backer.

FOR GAS COOKTOPS: A minimum gap of 200 mm (20 cm) is recommended from the outer edge of the gas burner to the KompacPanel backsplash/backer.


KompacPlus regularly holds limited time offers for a wide variety of applications, please visit and follow our Facebook (@kompacplus) as well as Instagram (@kompacplus) to get the latest info and updates!

Yes, once an appointment is made, we can arrange our sales representatives to deliver product samples to you at your earliest convenience, or you can also opt for self-collection of the samples at our office. If you have a specific colour or application in mind, kindly put in your request with your respective sales representatives prior to the meeting.

We seek your kind understanding that due to the possible involvement of various expertise (for plumbing, electrical outlets and etc), we strongly recommend for you to engage with an ID firm for your renovation needs using our KompacPanels.

Yes, please contact your respective KompacPlus sales personnel or contact our office about this request for further assistance on this request.

We thank you for your kind interest in our products and service, and yes, we can engage with your clients directly to introduce KompacPlus to them. Appreciate if you can reach out to our sales representatives for further recommendations and/or arrangements.

KompacPlus welcomes and appreciates every opportunity for collaboration, therefore we’d love to explore how we can create a unique KompacPlus experience with each of our partners. Kindly share your contact details with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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